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Clan Ross Pipe Band

Welcome to the web site of the Clan Ross Pipe Band! 

Highland Bagpipe music from the hills of eastern Connecticut.

We are in the process of updating our site. We do this every two years whether it needs it or not! 

The Clan Ross Pipe Band has concluded its eleventh successful season. We wish to thank everyone who has thus far supported the band, and those who hired us to play when we were just starting out. 

The band is currently booking engagements for the upcoming season. We can provide any combination of pipers and drummers ranging from a solo piper to a full band. 

Stay tuned for more updates. 

Lifetime members of Clan Ross Association of the United States.  Our adoption of the red Ross tartan and the Clan Ross name have the enthusiastic endorsement of David Ross of Ross and Shandwick: hereditary chief of Clan Ross.  Visit

New members are welcome. We are family-friendly! Send us an email to

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Andante Drums

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Dan Taggart

Pipe Major



Dan Taggart Jr

Drum Sergeant, snare